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Nov. 12th, 2007 @ 10:43 am Marching Band
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Congratulations are in order for the Morris Hills Marching Band.
The " Marching Scarlet Knights" were awarded Fourth place, Division 2
with a record high score of 93.125 at The USSBA All-States
Championship held at Giants Stadium Saturday night." It was a rainy
and snowy night as the MH band performed with pride and
professionalism" quotes, Mr. Kurt Zimmerman, assistant band director.

Here was the order of the top 4 bands in the division. Methecton,
Pennsylvania; Monsignor Farrell, Staten Island; Bishop Freehan,
Maryland; and Morris Hills, Rockaway, NJ. There was only four tenths
of a point spread between the first placed band and Morris Hills.

"All of us are very proud of this band". The students have more heart
and dedication than I have seen in many years. That passion and
dedication have given Morris Hills the top New Jersey Band score in
Division 2".

Student leaders of the marching band include: Beckie and Ali Joseph,
Dan Greenburg, Kyle Best, Tom Barclay, Katie Solomon, Travis Salim,
Julianne Churchman, Teresa Wagner, and Annie Mitchell, Alexis Salim
and Christie Scott. And as always, the entire band and MH marching
band staff would like to thank our music booster organization for
their constant support.

Congratulations again marching band, you are the best.

Michael Sopko

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